Meet the Staff

Our employees make us who we are! They are committed to serving you. This page is devoted to our staff to recognize and thank their hard work. When you need us, the team at Mr. J's Auto Repair Center is here to help, always! That's our promise to you.


Service Manager

Background: Steve has 22 years experience in the automotive industry. He is a diagnostic specialist in computer, electrical, and emissions repair. Steve is:

  • A/C Certified
  • MO Inspector Certified
  • Emission Qualified


Lead Mechanic

Background: Russ has been in the automotive field for 30 years. While Russ was not working on cars, he spent his spare time over this 30 years drag racing Chrysler automobiles. Russ is:

  • a customer service & sales specialist
  • MO Inspector Certified
  • Emission Qualified


Building Maintenance Manager

Background: Claude maintains and cares for our facilities. He also details our vehicles. He has a wealth of customer services experience and he is a dedicated and caring employee. Claude specializes in:

  • overseeing and maintaining both facilities
  • detailing vehicles


Customer Care Specialist

Background: Linda has 29 years specializing in the customer service industry. Linda makes sure all of our customers are met in a friendly environment, and that all of their needs are addressed. Linda specializes in:

  • Invoicing
  • Phones & Reception
  • Client Retention & Sales


Office Manager

Background: Amber has 20 years of experience in all business related matters that she acquired from her local family company. Amber specializes in:

  • Sales & Client Retention
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting