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About Us

At Mr. Jís Auto Repair Center, our mission is to build respectful, long-lasting relationships with our customers, employees, vendors, and the community. We believe that the customer and their needs always come first.

Our Capabilities

Mr. Jís Auto Repair Center prides itself on being able to service both domestic and foreign vehicles. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and trained automotive professionals perform the work. We do Tires, Maintenance & Repair, and we do it well!

Tires Maintenance Repairs

Our Commitment to You

At Mr. Jís Auto Repair Center, our commitment is to give our customers peace of mind that we will meet all of your mechanical and preventative maintenance needs without breaking the bank.

About the Owner


Randy has worked in the local family owned and operated business for 35 plus years. He has worked, overseen, and managed virtually every aspect of the company. Randy now owns two locations of Mr. Jís Auto Repair Center in St. Ann, and Breckenridge Hills Missouri. Along with running two locations and having a hands on approach from the mechanics to the books, Randy is also a member and deacon of Brookside Assembly Of God church, where he has attended faithfully for well over 40 years. Mr. J is a very caring individual, who takes as much concern and interest in his employees as he does his customers. Come give us a try and see for yourself!